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Traffic police ensure no fees charged for new white license plate

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Traffic police (Korlantas) planned to replace the existing black license plate for private vehicles with the new white license plate from June 2022. Korlantas Director Brigadier General Yusri Yunus assured that no additional charges would would be charged for the replacement of the license plate.

“Nope [additional fees]Yusri said as quoted on the National Police Traffic Management Center (NTMC) website today, May 19, 2022.

Head of the STNK sub-directorate (vehicle registration documents), Sr. Comr. Taslim Chairuddin released a similar statement. He pointed out that vehicle owners will only be required to pay the five-year tax and then obtain a new license plate.

Taslim also said the license plate replacement will be done in stages. Vehicles that have not reached the end of their five-year STNK validity do not need to upgrade to white license plates. This means that vehicles at the end of their five-year STNK validity will be among the first to receive the white number plates when renewing from STNK.

“It will not be carried out simultaneously due to different validity periods of the TNKB (motor vehicle registration plate),” he added.

According to Taslim, the traffic police had completed the bidding process for the purchase of white license plates, so the replacement was to be launched next month.

“I hope it will start as soon as possible. Could it start in June? It could be. Of course the white number plate will be provided this year,” he concluded.

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Dicky Kurniawan