License renewal

LDWF Reminder: Our New Simplified Licensing Structure Goes into Effect June 1

The new recreational license fee structure starting June 1

Law 356-HB 691 of the 2021 regular legislative session made sweeping changes to fishing and hunting licenses and fees. Although current licenses do not expire until June 30, new license purchases on June 1 will be subject to the new pricing structure. You can find a summary of the changes to Law 356 at the following link “Understanding Our New License Fee Changes”.

Here are some of the key changes to hunting and recreational fishing licenses that will come into effect on June 1:

  1. Simplified fees for fishing gear:
    1. Basic Residential Freshwater Fishing Licenses will include all legal means/gear for catching freshwater species (e.g. fyke nets, seines, slat traps, trammel nets, cast nets with a radius of less than 8′ , 6″, metal nets, pipes, buckets, drums, tires, canisters, crayfish traps, crayfish nets)
    2. Residential saltwater angling licenses will include all legal means/gear to catch saltwater species (e.g. crab pots [up to 10]shrimp trawl up to 25 feet, oyster gripper)

  2. 365 day licenses: Recreational licenses purchased on or after June 1, 2022 will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. These licenses will no longer follow the year from July 1 to June 30.
  3. Automatic license renewal: LDWF is pleased to offer an automatic renewal option for online license sales. This will allow individuals to store their payment information in the system and choose to have their license(s) automatically renewed each year.
  4. Hunting Licenses and Youth Tags: As of June 1, young people (aged 17 and under) who actively hunt deer or turkey, participate in a bingo hunt or trap must have a youth hunting license (or a lifetime licence) . Youth who are spectators (not actively hunting) – or hunting game other than deer or turkey – are not required to have a licence.
  5. Deer hunting license: The Big Game license will no longer exist under the new consolidated pricing structure. Instead, deer hunters will need to obtain a deer license (in addition to the basic hunting license.) The new “deer license” will include archery and primitive privileges, as well as beacons
  6. Turkey hunting license: Previously, a hunter had to obtain all of the following licenses to hunt wild turkeys: Basic Hunting, Big Game, and Louisiana Wild Turkey License. As part of the new consolidated pricing structure, the Big Game license will no longer exist. Turkey hunters will only be required to obtain a basic hunting license and a turkey license (includes tags).
  7. WMA Access Permit: As of June 1, you will need a permit to visit an LDWF Wildlife Management Area (WMA) for any reason – boating, hiking, bird watching, berry picking, fishing or chase. The fee for a WMA Access Permit, which grants access to the 1.5 million acres of land managed by LDWF, is $20/year (resident/non-resident) or $5/day (resident/non-resident). -resident). All funds generated from permit fees will be dedicated to the management of the WMAs. Youth 17 and under are not required to have a WMA access permit. Sportsman Paradise License and Lifetime Licenses include WMA Access Permit.
  8. WMA camping permit: As of June 1, staying overnight at a WMA designated campground will require a camping permit (in addition to the access permit). Camping permit is $7/night for up to five adults camping together and must be posted at the party campsite. All funds generated from permit fees will be dedicated to the management of the WMAs. Youth 17 and under are not required to have a camping permit. A campsite is defined as any tent, RV, motor home, vehicle or occupied site within a campground or a ship/houseboat moored next to a campground.
  9. Disabled Veteran’s Permit: Effective June 1, the combined license fee for disabled veterans will be $4. However, these costs will be covered by donations made to the program through the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation.

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