License renewal

Green Bay City Council votes not to renew local bar Duel Sports Bar & Grill’s liquor license

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Renewing a Green Bay bar’s liquor license was a hotly debated topic at Tuesday’s joint council meeting.

At Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, the decision not to renew Duel Sports Bar & Grill’s liquor license was made.

Mike Cain, listed as manager/owner/leaseholder for Duel, opened the public comments by apologizing for some of his actions at the previous meeting of the Protection and Policy Committee. He then went over the history of Duel and information on some of the incidents involving the police.

In addition to Cain, several people have provided statements about this. Those who provided statements included:

  • Duel’s Bar Manager
  • Owner of Crown and Common
  • Lawyer representing the owner
  • Security Officer at Duel

Duel employees mentioned how fun it is to work and highlighted the participation in charity events. The Crown and Common owner said he had no problems with Duel and its employees.

The Green Bay Police Department recommended that Duel does not renew his liquor license. The reasoning was based on multiple calls for service as well as incidents involving alleged sexual assault.

Officials from the Green Bay Police Department also responded to questions about the non-renewal of Duel’s liquor license. Police Chief Chris Davis said the recommendation not to renew the license was not based solely on the number of times police were called. Police said that from April 26 to June 7, calls were received in Duel.

All members voted “yes/yes” to recommend that the liquor license not be renewed. The entire meeting can be viewed here. The discussion regarding Duel begins around the one hour and 47 minute mark and lasts until the two hour and 52 minute mark.

And after?

Green Bay’s municipal code states that the city attorney will notify the licensee in writing of their intention not to renew. The licensee then has ten days to request a formal hearing of the evidence (similar to an appeal). This hearing would take place before the Protection and Policy Committee.

Once protection and policy have made a report and recommendation, it is then passed to the common council where a decision is made.

This Common Council decision can then be appealed to the Brown County Circuit Court. This is found in sections 4-8-I & J.