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Alium, a joint venture between MPEG LA and Unified Patents, today announced the availability of the Open RAN Patent Portfolio License (“Open RAN License” or “License”), the first patent pool to solve the licensing uncertainty in the Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure space Open RAN reduces costs and increases competition, giving network operators greater control and flexibility in deploying 4G and 5G networks generation; and the accessibility to essential patents made possible by the Open RAN license supports the adoption of Open RAN.

“Open RAN is a game-changing technology poised to flourish and grow with the availability of a pool license providing affordable access, freedom to operate, reduced risk of litigation, and business certainty for vendors and users,” said Larry Horn, director of Alium. “With its potential to accelerate adoption and growth of the Open RAN market, the Alium pool license will help accelerate 5G adoption and the delivery of 5G services to the public.”

“Alium is proud to introduce a number of innovative features to the patent licensing landscape,” said Kevin Jakel, Director of Alium. “Using an AI-based tool to determine royalty allocations enables participation at no cost to patent holders and ensures the feasibility of a patent pool with tens of thousands of patents that would otherwise not be possible otherwise. In addition, Alium provides a patent quality program designed to promote market confidence in the Open RAN standard. We commend the initial group of technology leaders for their foresight in embarking on this groundbreaking initiative.”

The original owners of the Alium Open RAN License patents are Acer Incorporated; AT&T Intellectual Property, LLC; Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.; Comcast Cable Communications, LLC; Godo Kaisha 1 IP Bridge; Koninklijke Philips NV; Meta Platforms, Inc.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Pantech Corporation (including Pantech Wireless, LLC); SK Telecom Co., Ltd. ; and Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc.

The Open RAN patent portfolio license and a summary of the license terms are available here.

Alium’s goal is to provide global access to as many essential Open RAN patents as possible to everyone, on the same terms and under a single license. Therefore, Alium welcomes the participation of any party holding at least one patent essential to the Open RAN standard. For more information, visit


aliuma joint venture between MPEG-LA and Unified patents, supports Open RAN with the first patent pool for telecommunications infrastructure. Open RAN gives network operators greater control and flexibility in deploying next-generation 4G and 5G networks, and the Alium patent pool provides a unique solution to the uncertainty and risk posed by tens of thousands of patents owned by many patent holders. which cover 3GPP standardized lower physical layer functionality performed by radio units applying the O-RAN Alliance’s 7-2x baseband architecture split.

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